Where to Get a Free Criminal Background Check

Throughout the major cities in the United States crime rates have been steadily increasing. Increased crime rates only indicate that we must be cautious. The major difference between criminals and non-criminals is the criminal’s motives and intentions. Therefore they are difficult to detect. We only come to know that someone is a criminal when the offense has occurred and the damage has been caused.

Free Criminal Background CheckTo save us from these situations, it is important to be aware of our general surroundings and of the people who live around us and run a criminal background check on them. You can include your neighbors, drivers, nanny, domestic service personnel, our extended family, etc. since usually we do not know much about these people. It’s best to check their background and criminal records before trusting them completely. These days a lot of companies run a criminal background check to ensure that all of their employees enjoy a safe working environment. You must then be wondering how to run a free criminal background check on anyone.

These are all good sources where you can run a free criminal background check on anyone:

Free online websites

There are several websites that offer a free criminal background check. It helps you get general information about the person, which could include:  social security number, legal work status, citizenship, immigration records, sex offender registries, arrest records, litigation records, driving and license record, employment records, financial funds, medical records, psychological records, character references, identity and address verification and criminal records.

You most likely won’t get all if the above details, but if you are an employer must at least check the criminal records and verify the candidate’s education credentials as well as employment references. Depending on the position a credit report might be useful as well. These background checks are essential and are mandatory when it comes to hiring someone for the position of major responsibility, such as aviation, defense, hospitals, government offices, etc. There are sites that provide niche information or specialize in a specific area. For example, some places only provide criminal records, some provide academic training, and others provide some more general background information. You can choose the websites according to your need. A lot of websites also provide state criminal records online.

Commercial online websites

Some paid criminal background check websites ask for the primary details of the person, such as name and address and provide you with a report that details whether a hit was made on their criminal records database. In other words, they tell you whether they were able to match the details provided by you to someone within their database of names. However, if you would rather get a more detailed report they can complete a full background check report within days – for a small fee. They investigate everything about the person and provide you with a detailed report of that person or what you had requested. Such commercial sites can definitely be trusted, since they maintain the confidentiality and compliance and usually all research is conducted by professionals. You will be charged a minimum amount for this task and can range in between $19.95 to $49.95 per search.

Government agencies

Many government agencies can help you run a free criminal background check on anyone. I say free because there is a negligible amount charge for this tedious task. The fee usually covers all administrative services. Do check with your local courts as most provide free criminal background checks on their own websites and can be accessed from anywhere.

These are some of the ways to run a free criminal background check – or almost free – and ensure you receive correct and complete information about the person. Apart from this, you can also go to private investigators or detective agencies that can perform background checks using their resources – however they do not come cheap. Therefore, it is better to stick to the aforementioned ways to perform a free criminal background check.

They say, prevention is better than cure, so be vigilant and alert about each unknown person around you. This will help you maintain a good sense of security, peace and harmony.

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